Learning philosophy

I’ve been through 20 years of schooling, including a PhD program. Yet I find that there is still so much more to learn. In fact, some days I feel that there is too much I don’t know that is keeping me from being an effective leader of WISE, much less a useful member of society. I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

But I am a firm believer of the growth mindset, and this drives me to keep learning. I have two approaches to learning:

  • Gain specific skills and knowledge that would support my professional development and WISE’s growth. I achieve this through free online courses (limited budget!). I used to read publications related to WASH regularly, but have been unable to keep this up as my workload increased. I would welcome suggestions on how I could integrate this into my daily or weekly routine.
  • Gain wider knowledge of how the world works. I am particularly interested in development, economics, management, psychology, and Southeast Asia, which I learn about through news, blogs and podcasts.

It is not a smooth sailing process. I’ve dropped out of many an online course as work piled up and often tune out of podcasts as my mind gets distracted by personal or work issues. It is my hope that this blog keeps me focused and encourages you to keep learning.