Summary of Video #14 of Crash Course Sociology.

Socialisation is the process through which we develop our personalities and human potential and learn about our society and culture. We are socialised by interacting with people. It is a lifelong process which begins with our families (or whoever you are living with).

Primary socialisation refers to your first experiences with language, values, beliefs, behaviours, and norms of your society. Parents and guardians provide you with cultural capital, the non-financial assets that help people succeed in the world. Gender socialisation, learning the psychological and social traits associated with a person’s sex, also starts in the home. There is also race socialisation, and class socialisation. These are examples of anticipatory socialisation, the social process where people learn to take on the values and standards of the groups thye plan to join.

Secondary socialisation is the process through which children become socialised outside the home, within society at large. This often starts with school. School comes with a hidden curriculum, an education in norms, values and beliefs that are passed along through schooling. They are also introduced to peer groups, social groups whose members have interests, social position, and usually age in common. They can have a major impact on the socialisation process. With social categories come social prescriptions, behaviours expected of people in those groups.

The media you consume is also a major part of your socialisation. How we consume our media is affected by social traits, and media can impact us dramatically.

There are also more intense types of socialisation, such as total institutions, which are places where people are completely cut off from the outside world, and face strict rules for how they must behave. In institutions, people undergo re-socialisation.


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