CITE’s approach to product evaluation

Summary of Week 2 of Technology Evaluation for Global Development (edX – MITx)

Evaluation is needed due to an oversupply of products.

History of evaluation

Emerging trends in evaluation within global development include: an emphasis on quality and standards to ensure that research and monitoring evaluation is being done effectively; capacity building of developing country governments and entities to be able to evaluate, and; a focus on impact as well as process evaluations. More experimental and non-experimental approaches are being developed.

Criteria, Metrics, Weightings

To make an informed decision, consider who needs the information, which criteria are needed to make the decision, and how performance will be measured? The criteria (and sub-criteria) should be brought together in an easy-to-understand format that helps facilitate a decision.

The products chosen for evaluation are critical. Not everything has to be included but market leaders and some emerging technologies should not be left out. Design of experiments , a discipline concerned with planning experiments and analysing data, can inform the choice of products.

Scoping studies

A scoping study aims to quickly ramp up knowledge of the product family and context, narrow the scope of the evaluation, identify products that are available in the evaluation study area, identify the products that are available in the evaluation study area, and define the metrics that will be tested in the evaluation. It has 7 components: detailed product description, research questions, target users, major stakeholders, context study, use cases and criteria and metrics.

A scoping study can have a desk-based and field-based component.


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