Summary of Week 3 of Human Capital Strategy for Social Enterprises (Novoed – Acumen / Hitachi Foundation)

Before embarking on the recruitment process, you must first determine the roles that you need to hire for. For me at this point, this is the toughest challenge! There are so many roles we could like to fill that it is difficult to prioritise the most important.

The recruitment process could be viewed in 4 stages:

  1. Scoping the job – developing a scorecard
  2. Sourcing candidates
  3. Screening and selecting candidates
  4. Closing

Scoping the job – developing a scorecard

A scorecard, rather than a job description, describes a set of outcomes and competencies that define a job well done. Sounds great on paper, but that seems too output-focused (which may create skewed incentives), and might only be appropriate for certain types of roles.

Sourcing candidates

Looking in the right place is important! Ideally, I think we would recruit internally from our pool of volunteers – assuming they are on the job market!

Screening and selecting candidates

I like the advice of selecting talent that aligns with the organisational values and that contributes to the organisation’s diversity. The recommendation to conduct trial tasks as part of the screening process is effective too! That’s where recruiting from our pool of volunteers is helpful, because we already have a sense of what they are capable of.


Recruiting is just as much about selling our organisation. As a small organisation, WISE would probably face challenges with this. And there’s a chicken and egg problem. You can’t grow the organisation without talent, but you can’t attract talent if you don’t grow. Hmm!


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