Organisational structure

Summary of Week 2 of Human Capital Strategy for Social Enterprises (Novoed – Acumen / Hitachi Foundation)

The organisational structure is where an organisation’s human capital strategy intersects with their business model. It tells the story of how decisions get made and how communication should happen.

Organisational structures must keep pace with a company’s ability to generate and deliver value. It the beginning, each team member will be performing many roles. During this time, emphasis should be on fostering a strong foundational culture. As the organisation grows, roles inevitably become more specialised. That is when formalising the organisational becomes more important.

There are 4 types of organisational structure:

  • Geographic
  • Divisional
  • Functional
  • Matrix

A good way to start developing an organisational structure is to map your business model, then think about the most appropriate structure to hold them together. While the reading was useful, it presented conventional styles of portraying organisational structures – which has a very top-down feel. In fact, our own organisation has been thinking about presenting our organisational structure another way:

Organisational structure -WISE
Work in progress – not final

What do you think?


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