Sociology research methods

Review of Video #4 of Crash Course Sociology.

The research method comprises forming a question and a hypothesis, collecting data and analysing that data.

Question and hypothesis

When coming up with the research question, it is important to define the concepts so that you and your audience have a common understanding of what you mean.

A hypothesis refers to a statement of the possible relationship between 2 variables. It is operationalised by defining the variable and how you will measure it, in a reliable and valid way.

Data collection

Data can be collected through experiments, surveys, participant observation (ethnography) and existing sources. It is important for researchers to consider the ethics of their research, to ensure that the privacy and well-being of the research subjects are taken into account.

Data analysis

Data analysis turns data into information that helps answer the question of interest through inductive or deductive logical though. When analysing data it is important not to confuse correlation (2 variables moving together) and causation (1 thing causing another).




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