Multi-Sectoral Actions for WASH

Review of a SuSanA webinar on integrating WASH messages into other sectors. The webinar comprised 3 presentations:

The BabyWASH Coalition defined integration as, at minimum, the coordination of technical sectors to ensure coherence and minimise duplication, and, at best, the design and implementation of synergised sectoral interventions using a unified strategy, resources and competencies. For BabyWASH, this means bringing together WASH, maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH), nutrition and early childhood development (ECD).

Achieving synergy requires field workers to be trained across disciplines in order to deliver coordinated program elements. I definitely agree that this would be ideal, but I think this would require a fundamental change in how field workers are educated and trained.

Action Against Hunger talked about their WASH’Nutrition practical guidebook on increasing nutritional impact by integrating WASH and nutrition programs. I definitely want to study this guidebook some day!

World Vision provided the caveat that their efforts were not perfect, and I enjoyed listening to their honest assessment of their goals and activities. Their 2-3-3 intervention prioritises sepsis and environmental enteric dysfunction (EED) through pregnancy, labour and delivery and newborn, infancy and early childhood.


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