I thought kernels were hard…

Joint distribution functions are brutal!


Review of Module 3 of Data Analysis for Social Scientists (MITx, edX) – Describing Data, Joint and Conditional Distributions of Random Variables

This week we learnt more about histograms and kernel functions, as well as joint distribution functions and how to calculate marginal distributions and conditional distributions.

Somehow I don’t think I had learnt about kernels before, a weighting function that is used to estimate probability distribution functions (pdfs) from histograms. I got a couple of finger exercises wrong, which goes to show that you should not try to study probability and statistics when you are sleep deprived. Try processing the phrase “first-order stochastically dominates” when your brain is running on slow motion.

The homework was challenging, but mathematics and programming get me into a state of flow so I was happy to lose myself reproducing some cool graphs!


Liking the colours 😉


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